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Phonosaurus Records
Thursday July 11
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Toronto-based turntable artist Cheldon Paterson, alias SlowPitch, is a boundless sonic explorer of towering technical proficiency.

A self taught artist, he is fascinated by the interplay between improvised sound, movement, and live performance.

Over the years, he has been nominated for the K.M. Hunter Artist Award for Music and has received support from the Toronto, Ontario, and Canada Arts Councils. This year he has played at esteemed festivals such as Mutek in Montreal, Clandestino in Sweden and the Guelph Jazz Festival. He has performed at established centres such as the TIFF Bell Lightbox, Music Gallery, Royal Ontario Museum, Gardiner Museum and the Harbour Front Centre to name a few.

He is also a founding member of revered experimental turntable band iNSiDEaMiND. As SlowPitch he has released two projects RPLCMNT & Biosphere Stargaze and is set to release his third titled "Emoralis" on Montreal/Swiss label Phonosaurus Records. All offer an eclectic array of improvised turntable sound manipulation and science fiction inspired rhythmic production sure to carry you through to another cosmic universe.

Using a turntable, percussion sequencer and effects/looping device, SlowPitch delivers a heavy dose of crackly textures, wobbles and mesmerizing drones to create lush audio landscapes and euphoric rhythms. A truly fascinating interplay between sound, movement, and live electronic music, supported by the Ontario Arts Council and the Canada Council for the Arts.  

SlowPitch will be presenting a 30 minute live audiovisual piece titled "Emoralis", a collection of stunning moving images of transforming snails backed by SlowPitch's unique sound which pairs seamlessly with the fluid movements of these fantastic little creatures. The project is a collaboration with video artist Wifihifiscifi and is in support of his album of the same name available on Montreal/Swiss label Phonosaurus Records.