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Akufen CA
Audio Werner
Basic Soul Unit CA
Berk Offset
Daniel Bell US
Daoust CA
Dick Diamonds CA
DeepChord US LIVE
Jason Hodges CA
Kode9 UK
Marcus Visionary CA
Michel Plamondon CA LIVE
Mike Shannon CA/DE
Pinch UK
Purrpelle CA
Spyne CA
Stefny Winter CA LIVE
Talal & Zoi CA

Artefact CA
Jax A Muse
Christina Felton/Kristina Kamenar/
Mara Payne
Daoust CA
Friday July 12
Industry Patio Party
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Lover of deep and hypnotic atmospheres, minimalist bass lines, rhythmic percussions or hovering groove; Daoust offer a blending of minimal electronic music combine with fun and a real passion for all the underground sounds. Sometimes house, sometimes not.

His performances are energetic with an undeniable presence behind the decks as it was found at his featured appearances at Piknic Électronik, Salon Daomé, Comfort Zone(To), Circus Afterhours, RTS .fm,, Panorama Festival and many others loft and birthday parties. Playing along artists such as Pheek, SEPH, Hubble, Billy Dalessandro, Alicia Hush, ana+one, Stefny Winter, Zaid Edghaim, Yes Ma'am and Zeina just to name a few.

His involvement in the electronic scene began in 2009 with the organization of Funk der Ground parties (Club Pearl, Mtl), and then, be a part of the Panorama Festival organization. Since November 2011, he shared a monthly event at Bar Le Passeport (Mini Malice), with his good friend Hooll. This evening is dedicated and devoted to electronic music minimal style. He also works as A/R for Archipe/Kalimari.