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Basic Soul Unit CA
Nonplus+/Still Music
Friday July 12
Friday Night Main Event
Hong Kong born and raised in Canada, Stuart Li aka Basic Soul Unit has been steadily making his mark in underground electronic music circles since his first release in 2003. Stuart grew up listening to Toronto’s college radio stations and attended after hours parties playing underground house music. He later worked at Cosmos Records store which dealt vintage Jazz, Soul, Funk, Latin, Brazilian, Disco, House & Hip Hop to crate diggers both local and from abroad. Reflecting his diverse interest in music, Stuart's productions can swing from lush and soulful to crunchy jacking house & techno. He has released and remixed music on respected labels such as Nonplus+, Dolly, Philpot, Mathematics, Mule Electronic, Versatile, Ostgut Ton, Créme Organization & New Kanada. The end of 2012 saw the the release of Basic Soul
Unit’s first album “Motional Response” on Chicago’s Still Music to great critical acclaim.

As with his productions, Stuart's strength as a DJ is his versatility. Depending on the night and the crowd, he can throw down melodic techno, heavy jacking sounds, deep house, disco, and often a combination of these. Stuart’s journey as a DJ has taken him to Berlin (Panorama Bar), Tokyo (Yellow, Loop, Womb), Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Oslo, Glasgow, St Petersburg , New York & more. The Basic Soul Unit live set debuted in Toronto in February 2012. Using a combination of hardware and digital technology, the live set expresses the rawness and honesty of Stuart’s productions. He has performed his set to great reception at Mutek in Montreal, Zouk in Singapore, Stockholm, and many other places.