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Audio Werner DE LIVE
Saturday July 13
Outdoor Electronic
Music Showcase
From collecting & mixing records to organizing underground parties and producing his own tracks Andreas "Audio" Werner managed to take his music passion one step further and created the record label "Hartchef Discos" together with his friends Erk Richter and Holger Schneider. Since then he has produced many as unique as timeless releases: Evolving a self-made recording of hundreds of crickets into a no.1 record “Zwrtshak Drive” (Hartchef Discos 2005) was the first big leap into the world of dance music for Audio Werner. From then on he has released his tracks worldwide on some of the most respected labels (Perlon, Circus Company, Minibar, Hartchef), whilst never loosing sense of his own influences and delicate approach to the production of electronic dance music. Every track is a tale, with every single section of audio adding to the story. Scroll through his compositions and you can´t help but feel an evolving distinctive groove that calls you straight to the dance floor. The production style is very much present in the way Audio Werner spins as a DJ. With Werner at the helm, he absorbs then moulds the atmosphere of the party making him a favourite of most top clubs, leaving his trade mark mood with the crowd.

During the past year he has been concentrating on his new live set which he performed for the first time at ‘Get Perlonized’ at Panorama Bar in November 2012 proving to be a huge success.