Getting There
Venues + Map

Free Outdoor Electronic
Music Showcase
Saturday July 13
2–11pm • Free
Purrpelle CA
Stefny Winter CA LIVE
Talal & Zoi CA
DeepChord CA LIVE
Jason Hodges CA
Akufen CA
Audio Werner DE LIVE

Sound by Alienflux
Open to the public with licensed area
for 19 years of age and older.
Unofficial Sound In Motion
Akufen CA
Audio Werner
Basic Soul Unit CA
Berk Offset
Daniel Bell US
Daoust CA
Dick Diamonds CA
DeepChord US LIVE
Jason Hodges CA
Kode9 UK
Marcus Visionary CA
Michel Plamondon CA LIVE
Mike Shannon CA/DE
Pinch UK
Purrpelle CA
Spyne CA
Stefny Winter CA LIVE
Talal & Zoi CA

Artefact CA
Jax A Muse
Christina Felton/Kristina Kamenar/
Mara Payne
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Sound In Motion Pirate Radio Bike Rave
On Saturday July 13 Bring your FM radio and join us for a critical mass ride! FM Transmitted Mobile DJ Performance by Zaid Edghaim (HushLamb/ Thoughtless Music)
Akufen interview
A true pioneer of sound, Marc Leclair, aka Akufen, is probably most known for his innovative cut-and-paste method of music production.
DeepChord interview
It’s challenging to conceive of an electronic artist more varied, a person whose sound has evolved and continues to inspire, quite like Detroit native Rod Modell, or Deepchord.
Pinch interview
Pinch tells about recent collaborations with Adrian Sherwood of Warp Records, what's new on Cold Recordings, and how "dubstep lost its 'oomph.'"
Dan Bell interview
"I want to be a part of music until I’m on my deathbed. It’s something that I always had a passion for and I don’t think that’s ever going to change.”
Stefny Winter interview
“Good organization, good sound, and good people & tunes; these are the core ingredients of a good music festival.”
Yes Ma'am shows some love to Sound In Motion

5 reasons electronic fans need to be at Sound In Motion
When you take your electronic music seriously, it means you're looking for more than just a guy in a mouse costume.
All eyes on StudioFeed
A fantastic article about the collective behind Sound In Motion, StudioFeed. Beautifully written by Michael Armstrong from music web mag Crossfadr!
The top summer festivals in Toronto
Sound in Motion is an indieelectronic music fest that will focus on art ...
A little love from our friends at Resident Advisor
Sound in Motion to get Toronto encore this summer
Thank you Ben Rayner & the Toronto Star and SlowPitch for a great article!